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Anxiety can often be an isolating experience leaving you embarrassed and causing you to avoid activities you would otherwise enjoy. Individuals with anxiety disorders tend to have a need to be in control and feel uncomfortable when they can't predict or control a situation. These situations are difficult to avoid and its impossible to control every aspect of our lives.


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You may feel "empty," worthless or helpless. You may have noticed difficulty falling asleep at night in spite of being tired, or waking early. Many people also experience a desire to sleep much more than normal. You might think that you don't want to keep living this way and even consider suicide.  Depression has a way of convincing people to think that life isn't worth experiencing. Their energy dwindles, what once was pleasurable is now of no interest and the physical symptoms are completely overwhelming.  But there is help. There are many different ways to treat depression. 



Trauma is a powerful emotional response to a single or multiple deeply disturbing, distressing, or life-threatening experiences. This response can have lasting negative effects on our overall wellbeing, especially our mental and emotional areas of functioning. It is most debilitating to the developing brain, therefore children are most at risk of long-term effects. Research suggests minority groups are at elevated risks of experiencing trauma across the lifespan. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is the most commonly known condition that can develop after exposure to trauma. Some symptoms include upsetting thoughts, feelings, or memories related to the trauma, avoidance of anything related to the trauma, physical reactions such as tensing or nervousness when reminded of the events, sleep problems, and more. If you experience any of these, please reach out for a free consultation. Innate Counseling focuses on providing trauma-informed care and are ready to help.

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